7 Insanely Creative Ideas for Facebook’s Bots for Messenger

  1. Coffee bots mean no more waiting in line for caffeine.

It’s almost like having your own personal barista who knows just how you like your latte — or even better, looks like our dream of not having a convo before our first-cup-of-the-day can finally come true.

Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 3Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 2  Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 4


 2. For people who get lost on cruises, thank God.

No more downloading a new app just for one single cruise vacation. Search your cruise line on Facebook and let them guide you around the cruise. And imagine using this for finding a missing child (and later on with iBeacons) — oh yes.

Facebook Messenger Cruise Line Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger Cruise Line Bot Screenshot 2

3. Meet Helen, the ultimate library guide.

If you often find yourself overwhelmed by the floor plans, call numbers, shelving locations in a library, this is for you. (For people who’re extremely awful at them, indoor navigation would save lives)

Facebook Messenger Librarian Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger Librarian Bot Screenshot 2

4. Never EVER miss an episode or finale again!

What’s better than having a virtual assistant that notifies you right before your favourite show airs?

Facebook Messenger TV Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger TV Bot Screenshot 2

5. This is your go-to Bot on medications.

Questions always emerge after we leave the doctor’s office. That’s why we need medication bots to provide us with up-to-date information at all hours.

Facebook Messenger Medication Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger Medication Bot Screenshot 2

6. Adding a bit of human touch to courier services.

Let’s be honest, fill out forms on a tiny mobile screen is a real pain in the ass. Just to make things worse you have those mobile-unfriendly sites where you can’t even scroll horizontally to see or fill all required fields.

Facebook Messenger Delivery Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger Delivery Bot Screenshot 2

7. A better way to approach to people who truly care about your brand.

Now that Facebook is so overloaded with ads and brand messages, it becomes harder and harder for anyone to keep up with everything they care about.

Facebook Messenger Non-pro fit Bot Screenshot 1 Facebook Messenger Non-pro fit Bot Screenshot 1

8. Giveaway time…

You can download some Sketch templates here to design your Facebook bot.
Play with it yourself and bring your imagination to life!

If you are interested in building your own chatbot for Messenger, we can help! Email us and let’s chat.

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Design template credits to https://bots.mockuuups.com/

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