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Never Give Up with Buggy Pokemon GO

While everyone is enjoying Pokemon Go, our mobile app QA team couldn’t resist sharing how their Pokemon trainer adventure became a buggy app documentation venture…

1. Sometimes you think you can reach the target, but it’s actually really far.


PokemonGO screenshot
Always adjust your estimation

2. If you see the below interface, go straight ahead, even though you can’t see the whole picture yet.

PokemonGO glitch - catching pokemon you can't see
Where are you, Pokemon? What are you?


PokemonGO screenshot caterpie capture
Gotcha! See, it works out anyway.

3. If you cannot see your enemy clearly, you’ve already lost.

PokemonGO Golbat error - cannot attach other Pokemon
Golbat: Where’s my enemy…
PokemonGo Grimer vs Rapidash
Grimer: Goodbye enemy. I’ll come back again soon!

4. Never lose yourself.

PokemonGO screenshot day night
I get lost days and nights. If you do, start from the beginning.

5. Keep track of your work.

Pokemon Journal Error
And back up your tracking.

6. Retry. Retry. Retry. Believe that if everyone can, you can, too!

PokemonGO Login Error
You can never understand the mysterious reason you’re unable to login.


PokemonGO Login problems
I believe there must be an entrance … Shxx! Pikachu is gone!!

7. Keep calm when things go totally wrong.

PokemonGO Server timeout
I saw my friend next to me catching wild Pokemon happily and all I got the Pokemon Go static page. T_T
White screen on pokemonGO
And finally, nothing left on the screen.


We couldn’t help but notice the bugs and jokes. We love our Pokemon and we love our code! Some of these bugs could have been avoided if they’d used offline-first concept to implement the apps.

Check out Offline-First: No More Network Connection Error for further details!


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  1. With games it can be pretty hard to make an ‘offline-first’ app as suggested. Generally you want to keep as much logic in the server and keep the client as dumb as possible because users will invariably try to cheat. Users have access to any data stored locally and will attempt to mess with it to get more points or items or whatever so it’s generally in a developer’s best interest to make the server the authority on pretty much everything.

    It is possible to make a pre-emptive implementation where the client guesses what the server’s response will be and shows a corresponding animation (I think they do this with the Pokestops, which is frustrating in it’s own way), but error handling can be tricky once you’ve already given a user positive confirmation.

    But more to the point, with a GPS game like Pokemon Go, what kind of UI could they really show in an offline mode? Would users be happier if you showed them the last place they visited when they had internet even if that means they can’t walk around or visit Pokestops?

    1. Agree with the difficulty of Offline-First concept in mobile games, but I guess the problem of “offline-Pokémon GO” is more likely to be too much blocking than lack of UI notice.

      Currently if we disconnect the network in Pokémon GO, we’ll see the red banner “No Internet connectivity” on top, while everything on screen will be blocked. However, many features or read access of this app are actually not requiring real-time update and can be cached locally. For example, viewing your own level and xp, pokédex, pokémon or items in bag. So users may have less chance to face a sudden screen freeze if a network disconnection happens.

      Yet I guess most of the bugs in this game are not really network problem.

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