Test, Measure, Learn: What Agile Testing Metrics Can Teach You about Your Testing Process

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This is a guest contribution by Limor, a technical writer and editor with over ten years’ experience writing technical documentation for developer tools and SaaS technologies. She specializes in software development and the Agile methodology, computer/network security, middleware, and cloud technologies.

Agile testing refers to a paradigm shift in software testing influenced by teams using an Agile development approach. First written in 2001 by seventeen software experts, the Agile manifesto established a new way of developing and testing applications, moving to a cross-functional approach in which everyone is responsible for quality, not just QA teams. Continue reading “Test, Measure, Learn: What Agile Testing Metrics Can Teach You about Your Testing Process”

小團隊跑敏捷,實務上這樣用 Trello!

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原文:小團隊跑敏捷,實務上這樣用 Trello!
作者:Ronald Hsu

ALPHA Camp 亞洲最具規模的新創人才學校。累積超過三千名學員,以新加坡與台灣為教學據點,集結全球菁英師資與業師群,針對新創與科技技能,提供完整的培訓與實戰體驗。

專案管理有許多可以探討的議題,隨著新創風氣在許多育成單位協助後蓬勃發展,但不盡然都是資訊呈現為主的網站,在工具上更是雨後春筍般不斷有針對特定流程、特定目的、特定對象產生的第三方服務,那這些到底該怎麼選擇?用了這些工具就能做到他所說的效果嗎?其實並不其然。 Continue reading “小團隊跑敏捷,實務上這樣用 Trello!”

Designing an MVP — From Wireframe to Mockup (Sans Sugar Part 2)

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History is made of accidents and the history of technology is no exception. Many beloved services and digital products began as side projects that became moonshots and spin-offs. Fog Creek spun off Trello while Basecamp replaced its parent company, 37 Signals, (which also spun off Know Your Company). More recently, Unsplash was acquired by Dribble and split from Crew. The beauty of these side projects is they began as practical solutions for a problem that the development team could relate to without being weighed down by business models.
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為什麼矽谷不是我的創業首選: 還有我如何在新創的荊棘路途上生存下來。

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原文: Why I didn’t build my company in Silicon Valley
翻譯者: Queenie So

回想九年前,我、Rick和Roy一起創業,推出首個產品協助客戶建立表格並透過Paypal收取款項。我們三人為了這產品殫精竭慮,但也因為這產品確切地幫助到一些小企業而感到滿足。誠然,這個產品還不算破壞式創新 (disruptive innovation)。它只是跟比較大規模的競爭對手分一杯羹,而當時我們亦沒有得到矽谷投資者的青睞。隨之而來,我們開始接受客戶委託開發產品。是的,我們成為了一家代理開發商。我們沒有成為誘人的科技新貴,而變成市場上已然泛濫的代理商之一。看似寂寂無聞胸無大志的小公司,沒有矽谷光環的加持,竟也默默接到一椿又一椿的生意。團隊擴充了幾回,人手還是永遠不夠應付堆積如山的案子。 Continue reading “為什麼矽谷不是我的創業首選: 還有我如何在新創的荊棘路途上生存下來。”

What you don’t need for an MVP: Sans Sugar UI Wireframe

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How we started our side project

Here’s a first world problem: when you discover your company’s fridge is out of your favourite beverage. Our company’s been offering free drinks and snacks for years and recently we’ve switched to healthier drinks (replacing Coke with Coke Zero, juices with teas, and coconut water). Overall, was it helping? We had no way of knowing. Could we collect data to find out without doing OCD calorie tracking? Continue reading “What you don’t need for an MVP: Sans Sugar UI Wireframe”

I care about commit quality. So should you.

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When I started working as a developer in Hong Kong, iOS was still in Version 4. Since then, I’ve become one of the six partners in one of Hong Kong’s leading web and mobile development agencies. In addition to acting as the tech lead or PM for projects, I work on initiatives like setting up the company’s Kubernetes cluster for DevOps and mentor junior developers. Continue reading “I care about commit quality. So should you.”

I Gave Up My Desk for a Week and This is What I Learned: Management by Wandering

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As my company’s grown, the number of internal / external meetings and tasks has become crazy. I have no time to wander around in office and have casual chats with fellows any more.

While people in the office have coffee and casual chats I am usually running for the next scheduled meeting or discussion item. Casual office chats is one of the things I miss most. Continue reading “I Gave Up My Desk for a Week and This is What I Learned: Management by Wandering”