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9 things we wish we knew before learning JavaScript

Is JavaScript going to conquer the world? This is a question we ask ourselves every time when there is a new and awesome JS framework coming out. May, one of Oursky’s growth hackers, asked our developers what they wish they knew before they learned JavaScript.


May’s Note: If there is a sentence that can set off all JavaScript and Java developers, it would be ‘Are Java and JavaScript related?’


.then(n => n+10)
.then(n => n*n)
.then(n => console.log(n));
// 121



JavaScript is the most popular implementation of the ECMAScript standard.

The core features of JavaScript are based on the ECMAScript standard, but JavaScript also has other additional features that are not in the ECMA specifications/standard.



May’s notes: 😏😏😏



According to StackOverflow Developer Survey Result 2016, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language on earth (85.3%).



This is an awesome table ( https://dorey.github.io/JavaScript-Equality-Table/) for understanding the difference between == & ===.
May’s note: I wish I knew about this table when I first learnt JS. However, I have no ideas why the == table can be that strange.



Firebug is no longer maintained and there are other better debug tools (the built-in tool in chrome is good enough). When I started learning JS, Firebug was a breakthrough, but debug tools are a norm now.



Note: JS has nearly completed world domination.



What about you? What you wish you knew before learning JS? Share your experiences with us! ^^

PS: JavaScript is one of Oursky’s several choice languages though we do not love JavaScript that much because of the inconsistency of JavaScript. This doesn’t mean we can avoid using JS or cut JS in our development. Our developers favor Python and Golang for backend development. We have adopted Docker and Kubernetes for deployment. As always, we welcome our team to adopt new technology.

By the way, we’re always looking for talent! If this sounds exciting to you, check out our job openings.



  1. Java happens to be Object Oriented Programming language, and however JavaScript likewise bolsters class and object, it’s more similar to an OO scripting language. Many thanks for sharing this difference.

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