I care about commit quality. So should you.

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When I started working as a developer in Hong Kong, iOS was still in Version 4. Since then, I’ve become one of the six partners in one of Hong Kong’s leading web and mobile development agencies. In addition to acting as the tech lead or PM for projects, I work on initiatives like setting up the company’s Kubernetes cluster for DevOps and mentor junior developers. Continue reading “I care about commit quality. So should you.”

Supporting Open Data in Hong Kong at an HKU Hackathon 2017

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As an advocate for open data in Hong Kong, Oursky is honoured to be invited judge at the CSA x ISA Open Data Hackathon 2017 at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The student leaders contact Oursky, and our CEO, Ben, approved sponsoring the event in order to help raise awareness about open data and it’s importance to the betterment of Hong Kong. Below is my event recap with some tools for quick prototyping.
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How I attracted awesome team members as an introverted founder

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I’m a typical developer geek and introvert — the type that just sits and listens in social gatherings and has nervous habits for public speaking. But I’m not stuck in a dark basement, and you might be surprised to know I run a web and mobile development agency with over 40 people. In fact, my company’s been around for 9 years and worked with clients like Thompson Reuters and other international companies.

To my fellow introverts: sorry, it doesn’t get easier. But it does get a bit better, and I’ll try to share the things that worked for me over the years that help me cope — maybe even succeed — in putting myself out there so that I can get contracts and pay the team members I’ve recruited and love working with.
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I don’t care what tools a developer uses. I hire based on fundamentals.

People often say Hong Kong is a tech wasteland. They say the city suffers from developer brain drain. That all top-tier developers are lured to Silicon Valley. Well, I think that’s crap.

There’s more to engineering than just money, or offices like the Googleplex, or just geeking-out with people in the Bay Area.
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Why our company’s remote work system failed

My company’s cornerstone principles is manage yourself. As long as you get stuff done, no-one will mind when you’re in the office. Remote work seemed like a logical next step for self management. We wanted to accommodate each of our 40+ team members’ working styles.

Since my company grew organically, without outside investment, and has less than 10% annual turnover for people who pass probation, I’m pretty sure we got something right.

Remote work wasn’t one of them. Continue reading “Why our company’s remote work system failed”

Code, Celebrations, and Cats: Oursky’s 2016 Year-In-Review

It’s almost 2017! Most would agree 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. Before Oursky breaks for the winter holidays, we’re taking the time to reflect on this year’s milestones, achievements, and learnings. We’re grateful to all our clients, friends, and extended Oursky family who challenged and supported us to grow as a company.  Find out what we’ve been up to below! Continue reading “Code, Celebrations, and Cats: Oursky’s 2016 Year-In-Review”

How we figured out period leave without a single meeting

Normally, we talk about code at Oursky, but a discussion about period leave in Hong Kong last spring got us thinking about our team culture. Why were people having this debate? Or rather, we realized, the question was: why wasn’t it one for us?

I’m one of 3 technical male founders, so this piece involves input from our company’s 12 female team members (representing 25% of the company). In short, we address the “problem” every day with a simple e-mail update to the entire company.

Also, our “solution” evolved organically. When I asked everyone how it started, no-one could remember. I’d love to share with you how we solved this problem before it even became one.
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