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Introducing Hong Kong’s Opensource LGBTQ Workplace Directory

Imagine having a quick and simple way to find out if a company is really LGBTQ-friendly and can be supportive of your needs, be it visa sponsorship for same-sex partners or paid leave for surgery.

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Beyond having company diversity and inclusion pages or sponsoring Pride events, how do companies demonstrate that they’re truly inclusive? The ones that really are probably have raving queer team members recommending them to friends and peers. Can there be a more efficient way to share this information? Studies have shown:

  • In the July 2018 LGBT+ First Job study 76% of respondents had hidden their identity at work, with 41% going back into the closet.
  • In a global study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, “Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes and Opinions Toward LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace,” 90% recognized the business advantage of diversity in general

Diversity and inclusion may seem like a huge administrative hurdle, but it doesn’t need to be. We created a directory to help LGBTQ individuals and their close allies recommend organizations (NGOs, companies, and even government departments) to share how they are inclusive by answering a few quick questions.
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The LGBTQ Glassdoor is Hong Kong’s first open-source workplace directory.

Sharing life-changing info with LGBTQ Glassdoor

With LGBTQ Glassdoor, anyone can recommend organizations in Hong Kong that may have out LGBT colleagues, policies (official or unofficial), inclusive culture and other initiatives that make it an inclusive workplace. No sign-in is required to check out the listings or make a recommendation. Check it out at https://lgbtqglassdoor.com.

Search for relevant information

hong kong gay trans friendly companies
You can search companies based on industry, size, or requirements that fit your needs (such as benefits for LGB staff or gender neutral washrooms). You can do searches in Chinese as well.

Add all the companies you love

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You can add as many organizations as you like anonymously. They can be your current workplace, places you’ve worked in before, collaborated with, or have friends in (who are out and happy). Your name will not appear with the listing.

Creating a listing takes only 2 steps. You input basic personal information (in case we need to contact you to verify information only). Then, you fill out one quick form about what an organization has. It can just be one thing — for example sponsors LGBTQ events.

Add anyonymous comments

If you didn’t see options to check off, you can add comments to explain other things you like about that organization. If we see enough similar comments, we’ll add a tag!

Add unlimited organizations or update listings

You can add more than one company. If a company already exists, you can adds recent benefits, policies or other initiatives or additional comments. Your comments are also anonymous.

Share with your friends and networks

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Instead of going through your contacts to recommend companies to LGBTQ friends, you can send your contacts one link. Share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, wherever! Did you know we also share videos on Facebook?

The reason this project is city-specific is because every city is different. Even within a city, what one person considers LGBTQ-friendly enough may not be to another. Some people may be fine just knowing there are LGB colleagues, even if there are no additional policies.

Know some companies under the radar in Hong Kong? Click the circle button below!

5 ways to use LGBTQ Glassdoor

  1. Help your LGBTQ friends! Share information to help them find good companies to work for!
  2. Show off your company. LGBT consumers tend to be brand loyal — 87% of LGBT adults said they are likely to consider a brand providing equal workplace benefits according to a national survey conducted by Harris Interactive (2011).
  3. Build company pride. Many LGBTQ individuals may be low key, but it feels good to see that their company is making a public stance. Without revealing identities, LGBTQ staff and allies may find out information about their own company that they were unaware of.
  4. Attract talent! Help LGBTQ people discover your company and increase your workplace diversity.
  5. Measure up. Check out how you compare with other companies and use our survey to get ideas on small changes that can make your company more inclusive.


LGBTQ Glassdoor was created with Vue.js and Skygear.io.

If you have any questions, you can contact hello[at]lgbtqglassdoor.com

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