iOS 11 updates for MakeAppIcon

We are excited to announce a MakeAppIcon update for iOS 11 and XCode 9 for both our web and desktop app users! Check out the new changes below.

iOS 11 and XCode 9 are supported

MakeAppIcon has been updated to generate all icon dimensions required by XCode 9 and iOS 11 apps as suggested by Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

Our site has a list of updated icon sizes for iOS11 and examples of where they go on the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

Photoshop (PSD) files are supported

Just drag and drop a PSD file, and the app will work like a charm to generate the icons you need.

Various bug fixes

We worked on a list of minor bug fixes to keep MakeAppIcon as bug-free as we can. 🙂 Just send us an email if you need support or run into any bugs.

By the way, fellow iOS developers: Please note that Apple announced, iOS 11 apps should support 64-bit architecture. 32-bit only apps will not launch on iOS 11 devices. Check this iOS 11 app submission checklist and happy App Store submitting!

And don’t forget to update your apps for the new iPhone X.

Try the new MakeAppIcon!

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