4 Dating Apps Created by Female Founders

Seeing as November 30th marks the social media campaign celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we here at Oursky wanted to celebrate this global campaign by showcasing cool apps with female founders. Dating apps being as popular as they are nowadays (who would have though “swipe right” would become a household saying?), we suddenly asked ourselves how many were founded by women.

Because — let’s face it — the most successful apps like Tinder, Match or Badoo, were mostly founded by men and aren’t always what women are looking for.

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7 Great Ways to Learn Code for Womens Entrepreneurship Day

oursky female developer
It's never too late to get involved with coding! — Photo by ivke32
A coding plate-form  — Photo by ivke32

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries, but only 28% of proprietary software jobs are held by women. The industry is slowly changing, and diversity initiatives are supporting women to get jobs and rise in company ranks. At Oursky, we have women across all our teams and leadership whom have helped shape our inclusive company policies. For Women Entrepreneurship Day (Twitter #choosewomen), we wanted to share the awesome organizations — founded by women! — that help women and girls take off as awesome developers.

kiki's delivery service
Image courtesy of Girl Getting Her Geek On

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How we figured out period leave without a single meeting

Normally, we talk about code at Oursky, but a discussion about period leave in Hong Kong last spring got us thinking about our team culture. Why were people having this debate? Or rather, we realized, the question was: why wasn’t it one for us?

I’m one of 3 technical male founders, so this piece involves input from our company’s 12 female team members (representing 25% of the company). In short, we address the “problem” every day with a simple e-mail update to the entire company.

Also, our “solution” evolved organically. When I asked everyone how it started, no-one could remember. I’d love to share with you how we solved this problem before it even became one.
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