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8 Wireframing Principles for Project Managers

wireframing on paper

Paper-based or whiteboard wireframing is an essential skill for the workplace.

Wireframing is a vital tool in the app or website development process. It allows you to map out where the most important elements on the page should be, it simplifies communication between you and your client or development team, and it helps the designer spot potential issues in the structure or flow of your site.

These days, tools like Balsamiq® Mockups and Axure RP make it easy to continue the process from wireframe to interactive prototype without writing any code. However, knowing the basics of paper-based or whiteboard wireframing is an essential skill for the workplace. The following are 8 essential tips to remember when wireframing.


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Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics for Websites

A Basic Intro. to AARRR

Before we dive into Google Analytics, let us revise about AARRR.

AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) is a framework developed by Dave McClure. It is basically a funnel gone through by your customer.

  • In Acquisition, you get visitors to your site from various channels.
  • In Activation, visitors convert into actual users with their first experience.
  • In Retention, users come back to your site again.
  • In Referral, users refer your site to their peers.
  • In Revenue, your users pay you money to use your product.
Growth Funnel Img

AARRR aka Growth Funnel visualised, from http://blog.twoodo.com/288/best-intro-guide-to-saas-startup-metrics/product-sales-conversion-pirate-metrics-funnel/

As you can imagine, the amount of users going from the from the acquisition stage to the revenue stage get fewer and fewer. That is why they also call the AARRR framework the ‘Growth Funnel’.

In this post, we would be focusing on the first part: AAR, which would be enough for most sites that are fresh and new.


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