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How to Build Solid Engineering Culture in a Small Tech Team

In order to have a strong technology startup, company culture is vital. Specifically, engineering culture is vital, no matter how small the team. A great engineering culture will not only attract top engineers, but also help keep them happy and productive to drive the company forward. Continue reading

Dear Founders: Here’s Why You Should Always Focus on Frontend Instead of Backend for an MVP

You’ve got a great idea in mind. You and your co-founder just sit down and make a product roadmap. One of the critical questions you are very likely to go through is: what is the proper frontend-to-backend resource ratio?

80-20 frontend backend mvp

Our MVP rule.

80% Frontend vs 20% Backend is our golden time investment ratio.

We love backend architecture. However, we’ve also worked with many clients and MVP products. Our learning is simple. You should spend 80% of your time on the frontend of your product, and here’s why:


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