MockUPhone Supports iPhone X and other new devices

MockUPhone has generated over a million mockups, helping designers and app developers to present their app ideas. At Oursky, we work throughout the year on updating our in-house products to serve the developer and startup community better.

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Apple’s Best Music App of 2013 Was Outsourced: Jamn

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Outsourcing vs insourcing

Are in-house apps always better than outsourced apps? No. Jamn, the musician’s multi-tool, selected as one of Apple’s Best of 2013 Apps in Europe and the Americas, was an outsourcing success at Oursky. In this post, we will share how we built this award-winning app using an MVP, fast iterations and proactive engagement with our client, MiQ Limited.


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From MVP to Best of Year App featured by Apple

As an 8-year-old digital product studio, Oursky has worked with a number of great clients on building great products. Throughout the journey, we have learnt a lot in refining our MVP approach and process. This experience has helped us build mobile apps for our clients that are featured by App Store, got millions of downloads and active users, and loved by users.


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