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My A/B 4 Test Mistakes That Got Me a 37% Conversion


Mistakes are things that get you closer to the right direction. When I first began as an intern at Oursky, I hadn’t even heard of A/B testing, but managed to get a 37% conversion rate on my third A/B test. In this post, I’ll share the three main mistakes and my learnings from that experience so you can avoid the pitfalls!


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How I Got 37% Conversion on My First A/B Test

When I first joined as a growth-hacking intern at Oursky, I was tasked with achieving a 40% conversion rate for A/B testing. Only, that was the first time I’d ever heard the term. Our company had just completed the app Shotbot, which helps developers submit screenshots to iTunes Connect in a few clicks. Of course, the next step was to promote it, and I had to learn the science of A/B testing on the job. It took three A/B tests before I hit a 37% conversion rate on Optimizely. In this post, I’m sharing my mistakes and learnings from each of my three trials.


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Why Startups Should Care About Growth Hacking

Growth hacker is the next VP of marketing, according to Andrew Chan, the growth advisor in unicorns like Dropbox and AngelList. You may wonder why Growth Hacking has become so trendy in the startups at Silicon Valley. Let’s dive into the growth hacking world: learn more about what exactly growth hackers do and see why your startup need one as well.


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How I Got 37% Conversion in My First Ever A/B Test

AB Testing for conversion ImgA/B testing is always a myth. You might have realised that there are a dozen methods, claiming you can magically sky-rocket your conversion rate. Truth be told, there isn’t a magical one-size-fits-all solution. If there was and it did work every time for every product, we wouldn’t really need A/B testing. So don’t think that you can nail an A/B test after reading the magical guides you found on the internet (Disclaimer: this is not one).

As an intern doing growth hacking, I began my A/B test for the first time — it was a struggle, but exciting. Little did I know, how hard it was going to be when I first started it, or how I’d manage to boost our landing page’s conversion rate to 37%. I knew nothing about the principles of A/B testing, such as what to do and what not to. But after messing things up twice, I finally nailed it. Continue reading

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