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5 Front-End Design Essentials for Developers

Oursky has a lot of pixel lovers. Even though majority of our staff are developers, we take pride in our UI. In fact, our designers are perfectionists that not only design great front-end interfaces, they make sure our developers implement them properly.

Below, we’re sharing our internal design 101 guide that our designers created for developers. We hope it helps your implementation too! Continue reading

Dear Founders: Here’s Why You Should Always Focus on Frontend Instead of Backend for an MVP

You’ve got a great idea in mind. You and your co-founder just sit down and make a product roadmap. One of the critical questions you are very likely to go through is: what is the proper frontend-to-backend resource ratio?

80-20 frontend backend mvp

Our MVP rule.

80% Frontend vs 20% Backend is our golden time investment ratio.

We love backend architecture. However, we’ve also worked with many clients and MVP products. Our learning is simple. You should spend 80% of your time on the frontend of your product, and here’s why:


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