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My A/B 4 Test Mistakes That Got Me a 37% Conversion


Mistakes are things that get you closer to the right direction. When I first began as an intern at Oursky, I hadn’t even heard of A/B testing, but managed to get a 37% conversion rate on my third A/B test. In this post, I’ll share the three main mistakes and my learnings from that experience so you can avoid the pitfalls!


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How I Got 37% Conversion on My First A/B Test

When I first joined as a growth-hacking intern at Oursky, I was tasked with achieving a 40% conversion rate for A/B testing. Only, that was the first time I’d ever heard the term. Our company had just completed the app Shotbot, which helps developers submit screenshots to iTunes Connect in a few clicks. Of course, the next step was to promote it, and I had to learn the science of A/B testing on the job. It took three A/B tests before I hit a 37% conversion rate on Optimizely. In this post, I’m sharing my mistakes and learnings from each of my three trials.


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Lesson from Getting 37% Conversion, Apart from Luck

photo-1456406644174-8ddd4cd52a06If you have not yet read my previous article on my first magical A/B test, you should check it out here, or else you wouldn’t know what the hell I am talking about.

In this article, I will talk about my learnings from the experiments.


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How I Got 37% Conversion in My First Ever A/B Test

AB Testing for conversion ImgA/B testing is always a myth. You might have realised that there are a dozen methods, claiming you can magically sky-rocket your conversion rate. Truth be told, there isn’t a magical one-size-fits-all solution. If there was and it did work every time for every product, we wouldn’t really need A/B testing. So don’t think that you can nail an A/B test after reading the magical guides you found on the internet (Disclaimer: this is not one).

As an intern doing growth hacking, I began my A/B test for the first time — it was a struggle, but exciting. Little did I know, how hard it was going to be when I first started it, or how I’d manage to boost our landing page’s conversion rate to 37%. I knew nothing about the principles of A/B testing, such as what to do and what not to. But after messing things up twice, I finally nailed it. Continue reading

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