Designing an MVP — From Wireframe to Mockup (Sans Sugar Part 2)

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History is made of accidents and the history of technology is no exception. Many beloved services and digital products began as side projects that became moonshots and spin-offs. Fog Creek spun off Trello while Basecamp replaced its parent company, 37 Signals, (which also spun off Know Your Company). More recently, Unsplash was acquired by Dribble and split from Crew. The beauty of these side projects is they began as practical solutions for a problem that the development team could relate to without being weighed down by business models.
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What you don’t need for an MVP: Sans Sugar UI Wireframe

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How we started our side project

Here’s a first world problem: when you discover your company’s fridge is out of your favourite beverage. Our company’s been offering free drinks and snacks for years and recently we’ve switched to healthier drinks (replacing Coke with Coke Zero, juices with teas, and coconut water). Overall, was it helping? We had no way of knowing. Could we collect data to find out without doing OCD calorie tracking? Continue reading “What you don’t need for an MVP: Sans Sugar UI Wireframe”

How I got 37% conversion in my first ever A/B test

There isn’t only one right way to perform an A/B test. That doesn’t mean, however, that observations can’t be made or correlations drawn. As a fresh intern growth hacking the landing page of ShotBot, a developer’s tool to help submit screenshots to iTunes Connect, I performed enough trials and errors to fill an 80s film shopping montage. To spoil the movie, I eventually managed to boost our landing page’s conversion rate to 37%. This post is on how I got there — and I think you could do it even faster.
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How I Got 37% Conversion on My First A/B Test

When I first joined as a growth-hacking intern at Oursky, I was tasked with achieving a 40% conversion rate for A/B testing. Only, that was the first time I’d ever heard the term. Our company had just completed the app Shotbot, which helps developers submit screenshots to iTunes Connect in a few clicks. Of course, the next step was to promote it, and I had to learn the science of A/B testing on the job. It took three A/B tests before I hit a 37% conversion rate on Optimizely. In this post, I’m sharing my mistakes and learnings from each of my three trials.


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Apple’s Best Music App of 2013 Was Outsourced: Jamn

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Outsourcing vs insourcing

Are in-house apps always better than outsourced apps? No. Jamn, the musician’s multi-tool, selected as one of Apple’s Best of 2013 Apps in Europe and the Americas, was an outsourcing success at Oursky. In this post, we will share how we built this award-winning app using an MVP, fast iterations and proactive engagement with our client, MiQ Limited.


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