Month: May 2016

The Fallacy of Data-Driven Product Design

Alpha House and House of Cards

House of Cards vs Alpha House

In 2013, not one, but two tech companies took the leap into data-driven political dramas. Only, Amazon’s got an IMDb got a 7.6 rating, and Netflix’s creation got a 9.0. Both are well-funded companies, familiar with techniques such as iterative processes, collecting user feedback, and specialized data analysis. The difference lies in their treatment of data.

In this post, we’ll be comparing the difference between data-driven and data-informed product design.


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4 Keys to Success in User Interviews

y combinator quote make something people want
Y Combinator’s How to Start a Startup stressed two important things that every entrepreneur and early-stage startup needs to focus on: 1) building your product and 2) talking to your users. For the latter, they even got Twitch’s founder Emmett Shear to talk about How to Run a User Interview and his past experience of starting a business without running user interviews (versus running user interviews for Twitch) in a video lecture.


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7 Insanely Creative Ideas for Facebook’s Bots for Messenger

1. Coffee bots mean no more waiting in line for caffeine.

It’s almost like having your own personal barista who knows just how you like your latte — or even better, looks like our dream of not having a convo before our first-cup-of-the-day can finally come true.

Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 3Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 2  Facebook Messenger Coffee Bot Screenshot 4


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How Our Project Managers Manage Software Projects

Managing software projects is no easy task. In this post, we will share what our project managers (PM) do and how they work with developers on software projects, which begins the minute our PMs receive a wireframe from the designers.


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Entrepreneurs’ Top 10 Mistakes – Apple’s Former Chief Evangelist

Guy Kawasaki was the former Chief Evangelist of Apple. He has helped evangelized the great Macintosh computer and had been an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist himself.

The following list would go through the top-10 mistakes of entrepreneurs he observed over the past 30 years as a technologist.


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