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How First-time Founders Could Develop Sales Skills

Sales skills for first-time founders

Founders are the only people able to sell their product in the early going.


The idea has been turned into a plan and now the plan into a product. What’s next? To have the product in the hands of people that value it. How is that done? Simple: by selling. For many first-founders out there this is a huge roadblock as selling is not something that comes easy. Sales is, yet, a crucial skill and a component of the product development process. For founders, sales is of an even greater importance as they alone must create and transfer value for a product to gain traction. For those founders that may not be as sales-inclined, these simple strategies will work to develop sales skills.

To show the importance of sales for first-time founders, here’s a quick example. Meet Tom: Tom is a superb developer and has just created an app that tracks the migratory patterns of birds worldwide. Tom knows that there is a market for his application and works tirelessly to continuously update and improve. Tom has no resources for marketing or to hire employees but hopes that people will see the value from looking at his simple website.

How successful will Tom be? Tom will likely achieve little success or none at all. Why?

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8 Must-Have Landing Page Lead Generation Elements

Key Elements on Landing Page for lead generation

From a marketing perspective, landing pages are the most important source of lead generation. A good landing page provides a clear pathway for visitors into your store (visitor-to-loyal-customer). You can target a particular audience from a specific source such as Facebook or a particular genre such as eBook readers and channel them to various inbound marketing hubs such as your sales desk or library. At the same time you can gather information – through lead capture forms – about lead conversion for further marketing efforts. But alas! Landing pages work only when you have visitors – and the right kind of visitors. Here are some tips for building excellent landing pages that will deliver great leads.


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